About the multiple choice exams – video prepared by OREA – The importance of improving multiple choice skills

This video was actually prepared by OREA. It is very general and provides information about OREA exams in general. You should view it. It is always important to see what OREA says about its own exams.

The Multiple Choice Format of OREA Exams

All OREA exams are in the “multiple choice” format. There are four possible answers to each question. Multiple choice tests reward the IDENTIFICATION and RECOGNITION of answer choices. They do not reward understanding. Of course this assumes that you begin with a firm understanding of the question asked.
The OREA exams, although adequate in design, do not always contain questions of the highest calibre.

Therefore, the Multiple Choice format of OREA exams means that it is possible to:

1. Not what the answer to the question is, but use the process of  wrong answer choice elimination to IDENTIFY the correct answer; or

2. Know what the correct answer is, but NOT be able to identify it because you cannot discriminate among the answer choices.

Either way, you must learn how to perform in a “multiple choice” format. All good OREA exam tutoring must teach you to answer multiple choice questions better.

Here is more information from OREA about their exams. It includes some sample OREA Multiple Choice questions.

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