Advice: Passing OREA courses – Live classroom, online or correspondence – What is the best course format?

In my last Real Estate Math class, someone introduced the question of course format. Most OREA courses can be taken in any of the three formats: Live classroom, Online (E-learning) or correspondence. What follows is nothing but my personal opinion (which means you should ignore it if you don’t like it), but …

Your goal is to complete this licensing process as quickly and as easily as you can. I have had the experience of both live classroom and E-learning (online). I have no experience with the correspondence courses. Here is my opinion:

To the extent that you are able, I advise you to take the courses by E-learning and NOT by classroom. My reason is:

If you take the courses by E-learning you will find a strong correlation between the material and the exam questions. That is a good thing.

If you take the courses in the live classroom setting, you will NOT find as strong of a correlation between the content of the class and the exam questions.

Remember that the OREA exams are multiple choice.

Therefore, I advise you to opt for E-learning. To be honest, it is doesn’t require any more discipline. Try getting up early to get to classes through Toronto traffic!

Again, just my opinion. But, I have given my reasons.

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