Advice: Course 3 – The Commerical Real Estate Transaction

I had a call yesterday from somebody yesterday who was experiencing difficulties with OREA Course 3 – The Commercial Real Estate Transaction.

What was interesting about the call was that the person was asking for help with the “Real Estate Math” aspects of the course. After a brief conversation, I realized that the problem was NOT the math at all. The problem was the person did not understand the concepts being taught.

Now, that’s interesting. How does one help somebody in that situation? Teach the concept, teach the math or teach both the concept and the real estate math. The initial response would be to teach the concept first. That makes sense. But, it is also true that:

By teaching the math you are also teaching the concept!

So, the answer is to teach both. But, the truly important point to remember is that by learning the math you can also learn the concept. This is one more reason why Real Estate math is so important.

Tutoring For Orea Course 3 – The Commercial Real Estate Transaction

We have please to offer a case study based OREA Commercial Real Estate Tutorial in Toronto. As you might expect, it is heavily based on reinforcement and application of the appropriate Real Estate math skills.

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