Should a #realestateagent offer opinions of the quality of neighborhood schools?

To buy a house is buy a location, to buy a neighborhood, to buy into a community. Those who make real estate a career undertake the obligation to know neighborhoods and communities. Knowing a community includes knowing:

– places of worship

– public transit

– clubs

– shopping

– schools

The article referenced in the above tweet is interesting. How far should a real estate agent go in evaluating local schools? What should the methodology for evaluation be?

The article includes:

Ms. Kostyniuk is taking useful measures of challenges to school achievement, and putting them with test scores so that similarly situated schools can be compared with one another. Her data are imprecise – far better data are available that show the demographics of the pupils, based on their home postal code. (At some schools, the numbers who come from outside neighbourhoods may be large enough to cast her conclusions in doubt.) But it’s unfair to impute discriminatory motives to her.

What do you think? Good idea? Bad idea? Does the school have the right to be angry?

Here is one response to the suggestion that real estate agents should make recommendations on schools.


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