Real estate careers

The short form version of: “How do you become a real estate sales person in Ontario?” is:

You first take three courses and pass three tests. You then find a broker willing to take you on and you register with RECO. Then you work for that brokerage for a two year period during which you take three more courses. You can be working after the taking the first three courses. You can complete those first three courses in as little as four months.


How to become a Real Estate Sales Person in Ontario – The Official and more precise version

You can be working as a real estate sales person in as little as four months.

There are three steps to achieving this goal. The steps are as follows:

1. Pre-Registration Segment – this consists of taking three courses. It must be completed within 18 months* from the start of the first course.

2. Registration with RECO – You must make application with RECO withing 12 months* of completing the Pre-Registration segment. This means that you must find employment with an Ontario Real Estate Brokerage.

3. Articling Segment – Working with a brokerage. You have 24 months* from the initial registration with RECO to complete this segment.

The links on this page go to the actual OREA site. Since OREA sets the rules, it is important that you understand what they say about their program.

*Pay attention to the timing!

OREA Admission Requirements

Those who do not have high school diploma are required to be  18 years old and pass the OREA admissions test.

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