Meet our OREA exam prep tutors

Ontario Real Estate Tutor OREA

When we get inquires about our OREA Exam Preparation Course and OREA Exam Tutoring Services, the most common question we get is:

“Who is/are your tutor? What is the background?

In a perfect world you would want your teacher/tutor to have years of teaching experience and be:

– lawyers for the Ontario real estate law component

– brokers for the substantive OREA real estate courses

– math teachers for Ontario real estate math

We are able to provide all three!

8 thoughts on “Meet our OREA exam prep tutors

  1. Lisa Matlock

    Wondering how your system works I’m writing Law, Prop Man and Commercial all by August 8 and my reg runs out August 15th so wondering what help you provide to pass these classes.

  2. Tyler Azan

    I am on course 3. Exam the 19th and course expires on Oct 7. Would love to get some one on one private lessons as many times as could be possible. Please get back to me at 647-633-6699


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